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How to increase sperm counts? Food to improve sperm count

How to increase sperm counts? Food to improve sperm count

For an effective pregnancy, the sperm count plays an important role in ensuring a healthy baby is conceived. Generally one sperm and one egg are enough for getting pregnant. But why does sperm count matter? This is because a good sperm count in the range of 40 million sperm per millilitre ensures better chance of fertility.

The best IVF hospital in Pune offers extraordinary consultation and treatment in increasing the sperm counts. The best fertility clinic in Pune besides treatment focuses on suggesting natural remedies, dietary changes and finally medicines to improve sperm health.

Here are the wonderful steps taken and offered by the IVF hospitals in Pune:

  • Complete review of the general medications – identifying potential sources of intake either food or medicines which causes decrease in sperm production is done.
  • Dietary changes: Suggestions are provided to eat more antioxidant rich foods. Food items which are rich in lutein, vitamin C, beta-carotene and beta- cryptoxanthin is recommended.
  • Endorsement are provided to consume high levels of fruits, vegetables, processed meat and high levels of saturated fats.
  • Also prescriptions such as avoiding excess drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are strictly suggested.
  • Finally, medications to treat sperm count such as antibiotics,human chorionic gonadotrophin, letrozole or anastrozole are suggested based on a patient requirement.

Upholding a healthy and balanced diet with limited principles is the best way to increase sperm count and the IVF centers in Pune are the best.


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