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In-vitro fertilization (IVF): Procedure, success rate, and risks

In-vitro fertilization (IVF): Procedure, success rate, and risks

In-vitro fertilization is one of the trusted reproductive technologies being offered by the best fertility clinic in pune. Recognized ivf center undertake a systematic process in retrieving eggs and fertilizing them with male sperm. The process follows well established procedure, wherein the best IVF hospital in pune only allow specialized expert to transfer the egg to woman uterus. Though IVF is a complex process, it involves just 5 simple steps – stimulation, egg retrieval, insemination, embryo culture and finally transfer.

Procedure used by IVF center in India

Today, IVF is a very common word across India and is practically and commonly known as test-tube babies procedure. The well trained and knowledgeable fertility clinic in pune undertake IVF based on each patient condition. The IVF procedure can be done by-

  • Donated embryos
  • A person own egg and their partners sperm
  • A person own egg and sperm donated by a donor
  • Egg donated by a donor and a partners sperm
  • Both egg and sperm donated by a donor.

Risks associated with IVF undertaken by best IVF centre in pune

Unlike any other medical procedure, IVF too has certain risks associated with it. The common risks include:

  • Premature birth and risk of low weight birth.
  • Pregnancy loss depending on the patient health.
  • Very rarely damage to bladder and infection.
  • Occasionally risk of excess fluid in the chest and abdomen.

Though there might be risk associated, but the success rate with IVF is something which is promising. Depending on the hospital capability, patient condition and treatment, the IVF success rate varies. But IVF treatment in pune is known for best success rate. Unlike any other infertility treatment in India, the IVF hospital in pune has a success rate of above 40%.

The infertility center in pune understands that IVF is just not treatment, it comprises of the financial, physical, and emotional toll and they accordingly support each couple in the journey to baby birth. Get in touch with test tube baby center in Pune, and they guide you in the right path.


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