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COVID-19 poses threat to couples seeking IVF treatment in India

COVID-19 poses threat to couples seeking IVF treatment in India

The unparalleled COVID-19 crisis with robust lockdown across the country has had a huge impact of the couples seeking IVF treatment in India. Statistics show that, in India annually 3 Million people undergo fertility treatment and over 0.5 million people take IVF treatment. Almost all these couples with a dream of having a baby was impacted in one way or the other. Though the best IVF hospital in Pune and in other major cities were functional, but due to fear of covid-19 people hesitated to continue the treatment.

Couples in most cases didn’t understand that IVF or fertility treatment is a time sensitive process. Every small delay will further add to the complexity of getting pregnant. Despite this, many patients have changed their treatment schedule, and many even have cancelled or postponed.

Creating awareness to couples is the key today

In such a confusing time, coupled with emotional instability of not getting a baby, experts feel that creating awareness among people is very crucial. In most cases, couples started believing that in lockdown, even the fertility treatment is under halt. But the reality is different. In this, background awareness on continuing fertility treatment and that the doors of the best IVF centre in Pune are open needs to be spread to the masses. On the other hand, the best IVF hospital in Pune is taking the required Covid-19 precautions and experts suggest that couples should not delay their fertility treatment.

Finally, the pandemic is something which is going to stay with everyone until the vaccination is completed. Hence, couples who have postponed the fertility or IVF treatment and couples who wanted to get checked can start visiting the best IVF doctor in Pune. Be rest assured that all procedures taken in IVF clinic in Pune are done in a highly sanitised environment as per government safety norms for Covid.


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