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Considerations For Women Above 40 Wanting To Conceive Through IVF Specialist In Pune

Considerations For Women Above 40 Wanting To Conceive Through IVF Specialist In Pune

The fertility of women keeps decreasing with age. There have been cases where women have conceived and had successful deliveries too even after the age of 40, but these cases are few and sparing. After a certain age, even alternate methods of conceiving like IVF, etc., also do not prove to be very effective.

The best IVF specialist in Pune and all over the world endorse this fact and suggest their patients to go for IVF treatments as soon as possible. Some of the important factors that affect the success of IVF treatments after the age of 40 are as follows:

The Quality Of The Egg – With increasing age, the number of eggs available in a female reduces drastically, and hence, the chances of extracting a viable embryo reduces considerably. Besides the number, the quality of the eggs also goes down.

Uterus Quality – With age all our organs start operating at reduced capacity. The uterus in a female’s body is no exception. Its quality goes down with age and this makes it difficult for it to hold on to the embryo and bear the burden of 9 months of pregnancy. Leading to miscarriages.

However, women above the age of 40 should not lose all hope based on the above discussion. A visit to the best IVF doctor in Pune will reveal that in spite of the odds, there have been numerous cases of successful pregnancies through IVF above the age of 40. IVF does increase rather doubles the chance of women above the age of 40 having a successful pregnancy. IVF treatment cost in Pune is high and hence, IVF doctors in Pune would like to give a few suggestions to women above 40 years of age:

Freeze Your Eggs

Women who wish to wait a while for personal or professional reasons, before embarking on the journey of motherhood, should strongly consider getting their good quality eggs frozen. This way, whenever they decide to visit an IVF clinic in Pune, they will have the best eggs available. This is sure to increase their chances of getting a good quality embryo substantially.

Stay Fit And Healthy

While the deterioration and depletion of the eggs in a woman’s is natural and cannot be controlled, women should take very good care of their health and lead a healthy lifestyle. This also helps in increasing their chances of conceiving even after 40.

Donor Egg

Females can consider going in for donor eggs after the age of 40. This ensures a good quality embryo and thus an increased chance of successful pregnancy.


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